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100% of our athletes have received MULTIPLE OFFERS by graduation

  • Are you an accomplished varsity athlete?
  • Do you want to continue to compete at the college level?
  • Do you know the 15 things you MUST DO to be recruited?
  • Do you need to be SCOUTED?
  • Are you being UNDER recruited?
  • How many college programs have contacted you?
  • Do you have direct access to college coaches?
  • Have you built a QUALITY skills tape?
  • Do you know the KEY to the recruiting process?
  • Are you in the NCAA eligibility center?
  • Do you get good grades?
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Because we carefully select the athletes we work with, our reputation with college coaches is impeccable and colleges come to us for recruiting help.  Click here to listen to a sample  

ProActive Scouting has direct contact with over 19,000 college coaches in all 17 varsity sports.

We are very familiar with the process and how to remain eligible in the NCAA and NAIA bodies.  We work with all levels of colleges - NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, and the NJCAA Junior Colleges.  There are many scholarship opportunities available every year.  However, you must be positioned properly with the college coaches in order to get on their recruiting boards and be offered a scholarship.  

College recruiters rely on our individualized scouting reports to save them time and money in their ongoing search for athletic talent.  They are in contact with us daily as they request specific parameters to fill specific needs.  If you would like us to scout you or someone you know, contact us.  Or go to our SERVICES page to find a Regional Scout near you.